Our Action Program

Joining LFCA and accessing our resources comes at no cost. All we ask for is your honest commitment to implement change in your organization.

The Green Pledge
It starts with a personal commitment

Profound change always begins with the self. Therefore, the first level of our Green Pledge involves rethinking and adjusting our personal actions. Our members are committed to measuring their personal carbon footprint and reducing it wherever possible — whether through a change in diet, travel habits, or energy supplier. In addition, these personal CO2 emissions should be compensated 100% by financing CDM Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard climate protection projects.

Beyond direct actions, all members are called upon to inform others in their professional and personal circles about the climate emergency, to discuss solutions, and to attract more leaders to the LFCA community.

As a non-profit our goal is to move our society's attention to the topic of climate protection and motivate to act in a more sustainable manner. We are no service provider but offer information, guidelines and other measures for everyone.

Company Action
Bringing change into your organization

All our members aim to make their companies more climate-friendly and reduce their carbon emissions. To implement these changes swiftly and efficiently, every leader assigns a Climate Officer for their company. With the help of our climate action platform, companies can begin the emission management process: starting with measuring their footprint, then continuously reducing and compensating for the rest. Ultimately, these efforts shape a more ethical corporate culture and encourage employees to think and act in a climate-friendly way.

After 3 months, our member companies have:

  • measured and understood their company's carbon footprint (Min. Scope 1 & 2, recommended 3)

  • offset' last years carbon emissions using certificates with VCS / Gold Standard

  • implemented at least 3 generic reduction measures in their organization (e.g. switching to 100% renewable energy, moving digital services to a "Green Cloud" or similar)

Community Actions
Carbon reduction is just the beginning

We can do so much more than just reducing our own footprint. Become a part of our community actions and leverage your partner network, create innovative solutions in your market segment or simply reach out to your userbase. 

Case Studies

What Does it Mean to “Do More”?

We encourage every member of our community to go the extra mile: To challenge the sustainability of their business model, or get customers and business partners involved.