Leaders for Climate Action Academy

Learning by doing with clear results

At LFCA, we believe that doing is the best way to learn. Our courses are designed to be hands-on, immersive experiences that enable you to apply what you learn in real-world situations.

Designed to meet the needs of tech SMEs

Ongoing support from experts and peers to reach your goals

Flexible to fit your busy schedule

Provide clarity on complex sustainability topics

Program overview
Our result-focused programs

Check out our list of practical programs designed to deliver tangible outcomes. Find the one that matches your company's needs, and let's team up to accomplish your objectives. Don't forget to check back often as we frequently update our offerings with new programs.

Planning action
Master sustainability reporting with CSRD in mind​

Are you all set to dive into creating your first sustainability report now that CSRD and ESRS have been introduced in Europe? Our program offers hands-on guidance that cuts through the abstract and dry theory, so you can get down to business without feeling overwhelmed.

Setting ambition
Introduction to climate action

In this introductory course, you will learn how to take the right first step. What does net zero actually mean? Should I offset? Where do we get started? How to get buy-in from others? Get answers to the most common questions.

Developing baselineComing soon
Conduct an effective materiality assessment

In this course, you will learn the key principles of materiality assessment such as single, double, and context-based materiality, and help you develop your own materiality matrix. We will guide you through identifying your organization's most significant environmental, social, and governance issues and teach you ways to engage stakeholders.

Setting ambitionComing soon
Setting science-based targets for SMEs

This course is designed to guide small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in setting science-based targets to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Through this course, you will learn about the various methodologies and how to apply them to your company's unique circumstances.

Setting ambitionComing soon
Create a compelling business case for climate action

In this program, we will lead you through the essential components of designing a successful business case. You will learn practical strategies for data collection, negotiation, and storytelling, with real-life examples provided throughout. By the end of the course, you will have both the skills and an action plan for a compelling, evidence-driven argument to support your change-making efforts.

LeadershipComing soon
Climate leadership training

This course provides the tools, strategies, and expert guidance to maximize your ability to drive change. Seven interactive sessions will teach you how to build an internal framework for climate action, navigate power dynamics, sell your ideas, facilitate group discussions, think more systemically, and build individual resilience.

Planning actionComing soon
Create a robust climate action plan

Looking to create a credible climate action (transition) plan? This program is perfect for those creating their first plan and wishing to communicate it without the risk of being accused of greenwashing.

Setting ambitionComing soon
Build sustainability into the core of your business

This course is designed to help you integrate sustainability into the deep design of your company such as governance and ownership. You will learn about regenerative and redistributive business practices and how to identify individual leverage points for your business.

Developing baselineComing soon
Calculating GHG footprint made easy

Looking to calculate your company's GHG footprint without breaking the bank? Our course provides a cost-effective alternative to expensive consultants or pricey tools.