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We turn business leaders into climate leaders, help to transform their organizations and inspire them to influence policy makers & society.

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Kickstart your Climate Action Journey

Don’t just promise, act today! Whether you are getting started or on it since years: We provide you with the tools, resources and community support to constantly take the next step on your climate action journey.

Kickstart your Climate Action Journey
It starts with a commitment: Our Green Pledge

The Green Pledge is the Leaders’ Personal Commitment to change. Only if our business leaders become authentic agents of change, can we accelerate the transition in the organization.

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Ecommerce? Fintech? SaaS? Whatever your industry: Find peers that are working on the same problems, find solutions and build alliances in the fight against the Climate Crisis.

Use your superpowers to make a difference

We can do so much more than just reducing our own footprint. Leverage your partner network, create innovative solutions in your market segment or simply reach out to your userbase. 

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A free and open  community approach can help to accelerate climate action. Join our exclusive events, learn about the latest developments in the climate world and exchange knowledge.

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