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Action Pillars

Transform your business and lead the change

With focus on simplicity, our action pillars help you prioritize what matters.

Our approach
Guided by science and built upon industry standards

Our action pillars build on top of industry standards such as Science-Based Targets (SBT) and Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG). Our community provides you with hands-on tools and resources to help your get from

alignment and compliance to day-to-day action. But we don't want to stop there – we actively support our members in becoming agents of change in and through their organizations.

Step 1: Measure
You can’t manage what you can’t measure

Measuring your emissions is a crucial step in understanding your footprint, identifying the main contributors to those emissions, and helping you put the correct focus in target setting.

  • Companies with a short value chain can use the free calculator in our Members Area.

  • Need extra help? Compare prices and review of providers in our tool comparison.

Step 2: Plan
A winning team needs a good match plan

Your long-term commitments need to be translated into near-term targets. Our Knowledge Hub includes workshop material to help you set your climate goals and build an effective strategy to reach them.

We recommend that you develop science-based targets and submit them for validation to the Science-Based Targets initiative.

Step 3: Take Action
Engage with your sector and go beyond

Ready, set, action! This is where the real impact starts. Things are a lot easier if you don't have to do the work alone, which is why we divide our community into industry-specific cohorts. In our Mastermind Groups, members can work

together towards reaching their climate goals and share their learnings in a safe and supportive space. Insights and resources that come out of those meetings are made available in our Knowledge Hub for further use by others.

Beyond net zero
The 3 action pillars

To achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement, we need to take a system-wide view on climate action.


Taking immediate action to reduce direct and indirect emissions

e.g. Change your energy provider.


You can contribute to global emissions mitigation by investing in permanent and socially-beneficial projects beyond your value chain.

e.g. Buy carbon removal or avoidance credits


Enable others to contribute to a systemic transition towards global net zero by knowledge sharing, capacity building and advocacy.

e.g. Participate in our Time for Climate Action campaign