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Our theory of change

When we change people, we change organizations

Get familiar with our Theory of Change and discover how we catalyze transformation from within, unleashing businesses' potential to drive impactful and sustainable climate action.

Timo Müller
Timo Müller
July 04, 2023 | 3 min

The problem

In our fast-changing world, the potential of business to drive proactive climate action remains a largely untapped resource. Many companies still view climate action as a regulatory requirement or reactive response, rather than an exciting opportunity to derive a sustainable, long-term business model—one that fosters sustainable (instead of excessive) growth, while still continuing to drive innovation. Companies can and must become catalysts, rather than inhibitors for the much needed broader change within our society.

By overlooking this transformative potential of business, we are failing to leverage our collective powers and resources effectively, and hence, are missing out on what might be one of our biggest levers in tackling the most urgent issue of our time.

The solution

Our approach to climate action is guided by a single, powerful belief: People are at the heart of every organization. It is people who define processes, shape mindsets, and champion change. Understanding this, we've made empowering individuals our primary strategy to drive climate action within businesses. (=we transform organizations through people)

We focus on utilizing the potential of these individuals to transform businesses. Rather than imposing external solutions, we strive to incite an internal shift – inspiring Climate Action Practitioners (CAPs) within organizations to spearhead sustainable change.

How exactly do we do this? Through an array of interconnected strategies:

1. Education and Information

We provide structured, practical knowledge through resources like our LFCA Academy, our Knowledge Hub, interactive quizzes, meetups, and guides. Armed with this knowledge, CAPs are prepared to make informed and impactful decisions.

2. Community Building

We believe that change is a collective effort. By connecting CAPs through platforms like Slack, Mastermind Groups, and meetups, we create a vibrant ecosystem of shared learning and peer support.

3. Positive Pressure

Through strategies such as success case studies, newsletters, and commitment calls, we maintain a ongoing momentum towards climate action, building an environment that encourages progress.

4. Empowerment

Equipping CAPs with toolkits, mentorship, and platforms to increase influence within their respective companies. This empowers them to steer their organizations toward holistic climate action.

It's through this transformative yet human-centric approach to climate action where we believe we can make the most enduring impact. Because when we change people, we change organizations. And when we change organizations, we change the world.

The outcome

Our solution doesn't stop at engagement and education - it's designed to trigger tangible outcomes. The businesses collaborating with us increasingly incorporate climate considerations into their core decision-making processes. This holistic approach naturally leads to enhanced budgets for climate initiatives, expanded climate-focused teams, and fortified mandates for their CAPs.

The tangible evidence of progress includes dwindling climate harm manifested as businesses drive their negative environmental footprints towards zero. More significantly, these companies leverage their distinct networks, resources, and influence to push the boundaries, going beyond mere "harm reduction" to actively fostering environmental regeneration.

Our impact

In our journey of transforming climate through businesses, the impact we aim for is not merely ecological but also cultural and systemic. We envision a world where companies are not just passive consumers of resources, but active stewards of the environment. Through the individual catalysts in these organizations, we shift corporate mindsets and processes to realize a future in which business takes the lead in ambitious climate action. Businesses do not just align with sustainability but embrace it as the nucleus of innovation and leadership.

Join us in fostering a community that leverages business as a powerful force for positive change, one action, one decision, one organisation at a time. Because we believe – business as usual can become business as a solution.