Action Framework

Transform your business and lead the change

Our action framework and open platform will help you to leverage the unique potential of your organization to make a difference. Go from climate action starter to hero in no time!

Our approach
Guided by science and built upon existing standards

The LFCA climate action framework builds on top of existing frameworks such as Science-based Targets (SBT) and Greenhouse Gas Protocole (GHGP). Our community provides you with hands-on tools and resources to help you get

from alignment with industry standards to day-to-day action. But we don't want to stop there. We support our members in becoming active agents of change to engage others, ranging from employees to customers, in climate action.

The Green Pledge
It starts with a personal commitment

Profound change always begins with authentic leadership. We, therefore, ask every leader upon joining our community to sign the Green pledge. The pledge asks the leaders to first measure, reduce and offset their personal carbon footprint. But more importantly to prioritise climate action, align their longterm strategic goals with the Paris Agreement and lead the change inside their organisation.

A recent study showed that the

likelihood of companies to outperform their industry peers in climate questions increases by +300% if at least 1 person in the leadership team is personally committed to driving the change.

Step 1: Measure
You can’t manage what you can’t measure

Measuring your greenhouse gas emissions (direct and indirect) is a crucial step to understand your footprint, identify the main contributors to those emissions in your value chain, and help you put the correct focus on setting your targets in your climate journey.

In order to realize your full climate 

action potential as a company it is essential to include your value chain (Scope 3) when measuring your greenhouse gas emissions. 

  • Software companies can use our built-in calculator

  • More complex supply chain? We connect you with a provider that helps out

Step 2: Plan
A winning team needs a good match plan

The commitment and long term goals need to be translated into tangible short-term targets. We recommend and provide workshop material to set yearly climate goals and build a hands-on action strategy to reach them. Our workshop and tools help you to define the right direction for your company and set the most impactful goals to achieve within 12 months.

Your defined targets can be aligned with any widely used approaches, including Science-based targets initiative or Carbon law. In our workshops and tools you will also learn and understand the true climate action potential of your organization beyond traditional carbon reduction borders. We see and treat companies as powerful agents of change that influence their employees, partners and customers with their actions.

Step 3: Take Action
Take business specific actions and go beyond

Ready, set, action! This is where the real fun starts: We divide our community into smaller sector based cohorts. We interview the members of these groups to understand the specific challenges in transforming their businesses. Together with experts and community support we define business-specific actions that we share through our platform. But as we all know the hard part is turning words into actions.

Things are a lot easier though if you don't have to do the work alone. In our interactive mastermind groups (5-10 members) companies can work together towards reaching their goals and share their learnings to speed up the transformation. Material that is created throughout the groups is made available on our platform to be used by other groups.

Actions beyond your value chain
The 3 pillars of Climate Action

In order for us to collectively achieve the Paris Agreement, we need to think holistically about climate action. Only if we take action on all of the proposed pillars, can we achieve our goals.

Reduction Activity
Reduction Activity

Taking concrete actions to reduce direct and indirect emissions

e.g. Change your energy provider

Contribution Activity
Contribution Activity

When emission is unavoidable, take actions to neutralize emissions with credible, permanenet and socially beneficial offset projects.

e.g. buy carbon removal credits and contribute to global goals

Enabling community
Enabling community

Becoming agents of change and enable others to contribute to a systemic transition towards net zero by knowledge sharing, capacity building, engaging peers, etc.

e.g. participate in our TFCA campaign

Achievements and Badges
From Starter to Climate Action Hero

Level up your climate game: Track your progress in our platform and become a true Leader for Climate Action! Our members' progress is shared in real time to incentivize and inspire others to act.

Full Scope

Companies who measured their emissions including most of Scope 3

Reduction Activity
3+ Actions

Active companies that implemented at least 3 measures from our reduction program

Contribution Activity
Contribute to Net 0

Companies that invest into removal or offset technology to get closer to global net 0

Goal setting

Companies that have set long and short term goals aligned with the Paris Agreement

Sustainable Business Model

Companies that operate a fully green business model