UPD: The badge was updated in September 2020 - please check out the new version here!

The year 2020 marks the beginning of the crucial decade for climate protection. Instead of waiting for solutions from politics and technology, it’s time to take action ourselves. With that in mind, we are launching a digital badge with the name "act now! - more than climate neutral". The badge will be a label for companies that go a step further in p our planet and make their efforts transparent.

Digital companies often reach millions of people with small teams and thus have a chance to sensitize citizens to the topic of climate protection. We must reach out to the public to increase general interest and action for climate protection.

What is the message behind the act now! - badge?

Our badge is not just a confirmation of the company’s climate neutrality. It is also a promise to do more: actively reduce their CO₂ emissions, work on flagship projects, and use the company's reach to educate more people about climate change and individual action. Offsetting is not enough. We encourage our members to make an impact beyond basic neutrality and become ambassadors of climate conscious behavior.

An individual microsite to showcase the company's action

The badge is linked to a microsite promoting personal and corporate climate action. In order to be transparent, information about the company's offsetting, reduction measures, and projects is shown. The site offers a range of facts and graphics as well as tools to take initiative. Those include a CO₂ and a green finance calculator.

Who receives access to the badge and microsite?

As soon as a member completes the company pledge and uploads the official certificate of climate neutrality, the badge automatically unlocks in the members area. Companies can adapt the style of the microsite there. The badge is available in different formats, colors, and languages in order to be optimally integrated into the company's website. The integration process is illustrated in an instruction guide.

If you are already a member of Leaders for Climate Action, finish your company pledge now and receive access to the badge and microsite today!