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Carbon sinkGeneric ActionsOwn carbon reduction
Measure and understand your footprint across all scopes
Own carbon reductionFinance
Publish your yearly sustainability report
Own carbon reductionTech
Run your own digital infrastructure on 100% Renewable Energy
Own carbon reductionTech
Refactor your code base using Green Software principles
Own carbon reductionTech
Move to a cloud provider or region with 100% renewable energy
Own carbon reductionTech
Host your website with a provider powered by 100% renewable energy
Own carbon reduction
Measure and compensate your personal carbon footprint
Use behavioral design to lower return rates
Map out your full supply chain footprint (Scope 3)
Others carbon reduction
Join the "Time for Climate Action" Campaign
Generic ActionsOthers carbon reduction
Leverage your supply chain to improve sustainability performance
Others carbon reductionGeneric ActionsFinance
Offer a sustainable pension fund to your employees
Others carbon reductionGeneric Actions
Offset the private footprint of your employees
Generic ActionsOwn carbon reduction
Implement sustainability in your business model
Own carbon reductionGeneric Actions
Power your offices with Renewable Energy
Generic Actions
Appoint a member of the executive team to be responsible and accountable
Others carbon reductionGeneric Actions
Actively support climate strikes
Generic ActionsGoal Setting
Set Science-Based-Targets (SBTIs) for your company
Generic ActionsOwn carbon reductionFinance
Move to a bank that puts sustainability first
Generic ActionsOwn carbon reduction
Develop sustainable management principles
Others carbon reduction
Introduce a “green” information channel