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9-week online course

CSRD and Sustainability Reporting

We'll guide you through the basics of the directive, help you conduct a thorough double materiality assessment, and provide tips to ensure your sustainability statement stands out.

9 sessions
September 2024
  • Focus on practice
    Focus on practice
  • Expert perspectives
    Expert perspectives
  • Real-world case studies
    Real-world case studies
  • Follow-up support
    Follow-up support
  • Completion certificate and badge
    Completion certificate and badge
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Walk away with...

A strong understanding of sustainability reporting, focusing on CSRD/ESRS

Certificate & Linkedin accreditation badge

Essential implementation skills and best-practice tactics to write a sustainability statement

Curated resource packs, templates and cheat sheets

An active network of cohort peers + a wider 3,500+ learning community

What to expect

From overwhelmed to job done in 3 steps

We've got your back until your CSRD disclosures shine and your management is happy. Learn about our approach.

Step 1
CSRD simplified

Our instructors will break CSRD down for you, so you know what needs to change in your current reporting and grasp the details most relevant to tech companies.

Step 2
Craft the basis of your CSRD disclosure on a personal canvas

Over 9 weeks, you'll be narrowing down your affected stakeholders, determining which sustainability matters to include, and learning skills to lead a CSRD reporting team.

Step 3
Get support from peers and experts on the road ahead!

After the course ends, you'll stay in touch with your cohort through facilitated troubleshooting sessions for all your burning questions, as well as an active Slack channel.

Who can benefit
This program is for you if you are like...
Sara, Head of Sustainability

Sara's team handles sustainability reporting. The CSRD deadline for her company is around the corner and she needs clear guidance on how to comply. However, her ambition extends beyond disclosing data points; she also aims to implement actions and policies for effective follow-up.

Eden, Finance Manager

Eden handles financial reporting and is exploring ways to include CSRD sustainability statements in annual plans. He's working on understanding the tools, setting up a process, and connecting financial, environmental, social, and government data.

What we’ll teach
Cut to the chase with our laser-focused sessions
9 sessions | starting September 17, 2024
Get familiar with CSRD and ESRS
Module 1
September 17, 2024
Get familiar with CSRD and ESRS
Piotr DrozdLucy Bowen
with Piotr Drozd, Lucy Bowen

Grasp the fundamentals of the CSRD and the ESRS standards.​


  • CSRD in context (EU law, other standards)

  • CSRD scope and timelines

  • ESRS structure and reporting areas

Set up your process and build a team
Module 2
September 24, 2024
Set up your process and build a team
Digney EisnerPiotr Drozd
with Digney Eisner, Piotr Drozd

Get organized to practically prepare your sustainability statement.


  • Key steps overview

  • Team building and project management

  • Case study

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Who will teach
Meet your instructors

We'll be sharing news about more instructors soon, so stay tuned.

Piotr Drozd

Piotr Drozd

Chief Impact Officer at LFCA

Piotr is a climate activist, thought leader, and entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in leading impact-driven organizations, from social enterprises to nonprofits. Serving as Ecosia's COO, he helped the company find an impact business model and secure one of the first B Corp certifications in Europe. Piotr also consults on impact strategies and mentors startups in, Techstars, and Singularity University accelerators.

Lucy Bowen

Lucy Bowen

Sustainability Program Manager at LFCA

Lucy is an impact-driven sustainability educator and consultant with a circular and regenerative design background. Ten years of experience across the creative industries have honed her management and facilitation skills toward her goal of enabling a safe and accessible transition.

Digney Eisner

Digney Eisner

Senior Manager ESG at Delivery Hero and Agreena

Digney currently serves as the Senior Manager of ESG at Agrreena. In his previous position, he was responsible for Delivery Hero's CSRD readiness.

Julia Goerts

Julia Goerts

Associate Consultant at Nordic Sustaianbility

As one of Nordic Sustainability's Associate Consultants, Julia primarily works with projects tackling materiality and sustainability reporting.

Minna Shukri

Minna Shukri

Senior Consultant at Nordic Sustainability

Minna has an interdisciplinary approach to addressing sustainability-related challenges, with a specific focus on environmental and climate aspects. Her expertise encompasses greenhouse gas accounting, life cycle assessments, and circular economy concepts.

Fiona Quinlan-Wells

Fiona Quinlan-Wells

Independent Consultant

Fiona is a climate change and sustainability professional with 10 years' of experience gained through working in corporate, non-profit, and consultancy environments. Experienced in leading project teams to deliver impactful results. In her most recent role at Mott MacDonald, I led on internal implementation of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosure (TCFD) recommendations, and delivery and development of TCFD-aligned climate risk advisory services, based within the International Development Services unit.

Fenja Bremer

Fenja Bremer

Environmental Sustainability Consultant at Better Earth

Fenja translates science and activism into actionable, entrepreneurial solutions. Her expertise in science-aligned sustainability management via SBTs and LCAs makes her a driving force for dynamic change within organizations.

What our participants are saying

Read what participants from previous cohorts had to say about our online courses

A wide array of content packed into a 9-week course, a must-have for CSRD practitioners! The course allowed me to dive deeper into the mystical world of the new directive and what it actually means, now it feels way easier to approach - thanks to LFCA!

Minni Tynkkynen
Minni Tynkkynen
Morrow X

I have learnt a huge amount and really value each speaker highly. Great content and discussions throughout the course.

Leena Ceccolini
Leena Ceccolini
Founder, Socially Circular

I've found it incredibly insightful and felt like I've learned so much. The speakers have been really engaging… each lesson was packed with valuable information, designed to set us up for real-world success.

Jenna Jones
Jenna Jones
Sustainability Coordinator, Ableton

In-depth but comprehensible, delivered to a high standard by an impressive range of experts. I came away with a good grasp of the big picture as well as much of the detail… Warmly recommended!

Joe Carroll
Joe Carroll
Head of ESG & Strategy, Fixably

It's great to connect with other professionals and exchange experiences. I was inspired by all the concrete examples and case studies, too.

Head of Sustainability, Stepstone

An amazing learning experience… Thank you for pioneering and leading people with the amazing sessions.

Rashmi Vital
Rashmi Vital
CCO, Eevie

Incredible work from everyone who came together to pull this off - a huge thank you! ...for what it's worth, this was way better than any course I've ever taken at university ;)

Isabel Nacke
Isabel Nacke
Senior Corporate PR Manager, Home to go

The course took away my ominous feeling about CSRD being this big insurmountable task - it feels manageable now.

Diana Pauly
Diana Pauly
Head of Sustainability, idealo
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