Corporate Climate Action

Once your company has established basic climate neutrality it is time to create meaningful impact by implementing sustainable corporate reduction measures. Let's start reducing those emissions!

About our Reduction Program

Disclaimer: As a non-profit our goal is to move our society's attention to the topic of climate protection and motivate to act in a more sustainable manner. We are no service provider but offer information, guidelines and other measures for everyone.

Our Corporate Climate Action Program is an easy tool designed to help you implement over 60 impactful measures from all kinds of different sectors. Those twelve sectors aim to make your office environmentally friendly, minimise your business travel, educate employees and customers about the climate emergency, make your digital product energy efficient, foster sustainable decision-making in all business processes, and more!

Each measure has different requirements which can be ticked off when complete. A dashboard transparently shows your direct impact based on data entered.

Company Actions

How it Works

The tool illustrates different sectors which include specific requirements your company must fulfil in order to be ticked off. Some requirements are optional as they do not apply to every company.

  • Start ticking off all the measures that are already implemented

  • Build a sustainable action plan for this year

  • Enter values to calculate direct impact

Detailed Guidance

The 60+ measures are not just general suggestions for improvement, but a detailed guide with recommendations and tips. What is included?

  • Detailed information on how best to approach the action point, plus hands-on examples from other companies

  • Practical advice tailored to achieving  both basic and advanced improvements

  • Contacts to partners for the equipment or services you need

  • Further links to dive deeper into specific topics: long reads, books, videos, industry alliances, and more

The guide is constantly being improved as we add more instructions to help you achieve your sustainability goals.

Your Dashboard

We’ve created a unique dashboard for you to transparently estimate the carbon emissions you have reduced or offset. It works as an overview of your real-world impact and illustrates corresponding reduction measures throughout the twelve sectors covered in the questionnaire.

Visit the members area and check out your individual dashboard or apply now for a membership!