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Move to a cloud provider or region with 100% renewable energy

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What is this action about?

The amount of energy needed to power data centers roughly doubles every four years, and even in a best case scenario, the ICT industry is likely to account for 8% of total electricity demand by 2030.

If you rely on a cloud provider to run your digital products, make sure that the region you are hosting in, is being powered by renewable energies. From the 3 biggest providers (AWS, Microsoft, Google), only Google operates on 100% renewable energy. While Microsoft is investing a lot to close the gap, AWS is still the dirtiest of the cloud providers that are dominating the western world.

We know that it's tedious and time expensive to move from one cloud provider to another, so if this is not an option for you, make sure to move your services to a region that is powered by renewable energy. Even if you are still staying with a provider like AWS, this will significantly decrease your carbon footprint and send them an important signal.

AWS data center regions that purchase RE certificates

Looking for accurate emissions data on your cloud infrastructure?

The big cloud providers have all given in to the public pressure and published tools in the last months to get a pretty accurate number for your data center emissions:

AWS Cloud Emissions CalculatorMicrosoft Azure Cloud Emissions CalculatorGoogle Cloud Emissions Calculator

Move to a cloud provider or region with 100% renewable energy

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