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Minimize the carbon emissions generated from your cloud computing

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The energy consumption of data centers is projected to double approximately every four years, and even in an optimistic scenario, the ICT industry is expected to contribute 8% of the total electricity demand by 2030. If you rely on a cloud provider to host your digital products, it's crucial to ensure that the region where your services are hosted is powered by renewable energy sources. Among the three major providers (AWS, Microsoft, Google), only Google currently operates on 100% renewable energy. While Microsoft is actively working to bridge the gap, AWS remains the least environmentally friendly among the dominant cloud providers in the Western world. We understand that migrating from one cloud provider to another can be time-consuming and complex. If switching providers is not a feasible option for you, consider moving your services to a region that relies on renewable energy sources. This move, even within the same provider like AWS, will significantly reduce your carbon footprint and send a powerful message to them. By taking these steps, you can contribute to decreasing the environmental impact of your digital infrastructure and encourage cloud providers to prioritize renewable energy sources.

AWS data center regions that purchase RE certificates

Looking for accurate emissions data on your cloud infrastructure?

In response to public pressure, major cloud providers have recently introduced tools that allow you to obtain accurate estimates of data center emissions. These tools enable you to assess the environmental impact of your digital infrastructure more precisely.

AWS Cloud Emissions CalculatorMicrosoft Azure Cloud Emissions CalculatorGoogle Cloud Emissions Calculator

Minimize the carbon emissions generated from your cloud computing

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