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What is this action about?

Join our Time for Climate Action campaign and use your product for good during Earth Week.

For many medium and small-sized tech companies, the carbon footprint is mainly comprised of office-related emissions, digital infrastructure, and travel. While some measures to reduce these emissions are obvious and clear to-dos, such as switching to renewable energy and reducing business travel, there is more that can be done.

Imagine a company with 100 employees that takes these measures and reduces its emissions by around 20% in one year. That is an amazing achievement, but in 2023, we should ask ourselves if that's all we can do.

Now, imagine the same company developing a tool or feature in their product that helps their customer base of 10 million users or 1000 customers to reduce their emissions by just 1%. This would have a much greater impact. This is what "Time for Climate Action" is all about!

In 2022, a total of 373 companies joined forces to reach over 80M people. Some examples of campaign contributions include:

  • Spotify and Tier utilized product integration and in-app notifications to direct users straight to our campaign page from their apps.

  • Personio and Blacklane displayed prominent banners on their login screens for the entire week, while Ecosia and Idealo had full-screen banners on their home pages.

  • Tech Founders and Breega hosted inspiring events.

  • Flixbus and BlaBlaCar created educational materials to raise awareness about climate-friendly mobility solutions.

  • Zattoo and Fashion Cloud planted trees to reward their customers.

  • Shop Apotheke Europe and Cabify helped us get published in prominent media outlets.

  • Home24 and Forto proactively engaged their team members and recorded videos with them.

  • Right. and Ledgy offered free services to members of our community and other organizations that care about the planet.

Join our Time for Climate Action campaign

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