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What is this action about?

Join our Time for Climate Action campaign and use your product for good during Earth Week.

The carbon footprint of many medium and small-sized tech companies is mainly comprised of office-related emissions, their digital infrastructure and travel. Some measures to reduce these emissions are obvious and clear to-dos: switch your office to renewable energy, move your services to a cloud provider powered by renewable energy, reduce business travel and offset the remaining emissions.

If a company with 100 employees does all of the above they reduce their emissions by ~20% in 1 year. That is an amazing achievement. But it's 2021, the time is running and we should ask ourselves - is that everything we can do?

Take the same company, and let it develop a tool or a feature in their product that helps their customer base of 10 Mio. users (B2C) or 1000 customers (B2B) to reduce their emissions by just 1% - we save a million tons of carbon. This is exactly what every company should think about - to leverage their product, to talk to their customers and partners. This is what "Time for Climate Action" is all about.

In our 2021 campaign, 200 companies with a customer base of 500 million people committed to joining the campaign and fulfilling all of the campaign requirements.

As the main principle, we took the “Lead by example” approach and set quite high requirements for companies to take part. While most of the participating companies are not 100% sustainable, they all have pledged to minimize their carbon footprint, put sustainability goals high on their agenda, and have a proven track of climate protection efforts. They are either climate-neutral already or have pledged to become climate neutral by the end of the year, at least on an operational level. Additionally, they have implemented multiple reduction measures to date, and have a clear climate protection strategy for the rest of 2021.

Join our Time for Climate Action campaign

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