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Educate and engage your employees in climate action

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What is this action about?

Educating and engaging your employees in climate action has to do with raising awareness of the climate crisis and encouraging the workforce to embrace more sustainable habits, both at work and outside.

According to IPCC, demand-side measures, which include behaviour change, are key elements of 1.5°C pathways. For a complete overview of 60 measures ordered by their mitigation potential, please refer to this synthesis. As an organisation, you are in a position to engage them in avoiding, shifting or improving some of their lifestyle habits, and empower them to become agents of change.

A company’s sustainability journey begins in the workplace. In our day-to-day work lives, it can be easy to fall into patterns and routines based on convenience, rather than organisational values and climate goals. By revisiting and reimagining the ways in which your company’s daily routines could be decarbonized, you can create a company culture which prioritises sustainability – with positive effects compounding over time.

Educate and engage your employees in climate action

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