Actively support climate strikes

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What is this action about?

Striking is an efficient way to peacefully protest and build a movement. It empowers participants through collective action and is accessible to everyone. It is the perfect vehicle for a mass movement, as it emphasizes the importance of collective action over individual acts. Striking also fosters an environment for the exchange of ideas and experiences. It is a powerful mechanism in the uphill struggle to transform our carbon-emitting society into a sustainable, egalitarian, and just one. Therefore, we should all participate in climate strikes. The bigger the strike, the more powerful and transformative it is, and time is of the essence.

By supporting climate demonstrations such as Fridays for Future or similar movements, you can increase pressure on politicians.

In any movement, numbers count! The more people participate in strikes, the greater the awareness and participation. For example, the Fridays for Future movement began with one person, Greta Thunberg, in August 2018. By March 2019, over one million strikers had joined in 125 countries. In September of the same year, the "Global Week for Future" event organized 4,500 strikes across 150 countries and mobilized up to 6 million people.

Actively support climate strikes

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