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Terms & Conditions

  • Annual fees cover the main operational costs of all LFCA initiatives, events, campaigns and tools.

  • For more information about LFCA and our membership, please see

  • Annual fee rates are determined on a sliding scale based on the number of employees or assets under management (for investment companies).

  • The rates can be found on and may be changed from time to time with a notice of 6 months.

Billing and payments
  • Annual fees shall be paid annually in advance.

  • Annual fees are due within 14 days of membership start date.

  • All amounts quoted are exclusive of 19% tax.

  • Payment methods include bank transfer, direct debit or credit card. Other payment methods are available on request.

  • A third party payment processor ( will be used to process credit card and direct debit payments. LFCA does not store or process any card details on its own servers.

Renewals and termination
  • Annual fees renew automatically unless cancelled before the next annual billing cycle.

  • The notice period for annual fees is 2 months to the end of the annual billing cycle, which starts at the invoice date. For example, to cancel the annual billing cycle which renews on 31.12, a written notice needs to be received by 31.10.

  • Annual fees are not refundable. We are unable to issue refunds for the remaining time period if the annual fee is terminated in the middle of an annual billing cycle.

  • All notices or other communications regarding annual fees shall be made in writing and sent to