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Mastermind Facilitators

Our facilitators are the driving force behind Mastermind Groups , a peer-to-peer mentoring group, bringing the power of collaboration to hundreds of companies. If you would like to contribute, please reach out to our team.

  • Albane Salzberg
    Programme Manager @ The DO

    Albane Salzberg is a Programme and Event Manager at The DO. Previously, she worked to support companies on employee engagement for the ambitious Count Us In project, willing to inspire a billion people to take climate action by 2030. Albane is also an entrepreneur and a life coach. She created mastermind groups to support entrepreneurs in their journey and saw the great value it brought. Convinced that the only way out is in, she initiated a sustainability working group at The DO.

  • Andrew Heinz
    Swapfiets regional manager

    Andrew Heinz believes in making the world a better place. His personal mission is to ensure his best to create a better environment for us and for the future generations. He works at Swapfiets in the management department, studies Economics at the University of Freiburg as his second bachelor and in his free time, is a volunteer firefighter who handles the public relations for the Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald youth fire department. Andrew is half-German half-Thai currently based in Freiburg.

  • Avalon Santos Willmott
    Creative Brand Designer

    Avalon Santos Willmott is a brand strategist and graphic designer. She works with third sector organisations which are creating a positive impact in the world. Avalon left the advertising industry after 6 years of working in international agencies in South Africa and Paris because she could no longer use her talent to benefit companies and products that were unethical in the way they operated and the content they produced. She moved to live in the Findhorn Ecovillage and Community in the north of Scotland where she has been immersed in sustainability learning for the last 15 years

  • Carlos Cuyás Grases
    Social Impact Lead at o9 Solutions, Inc.

    Carlos Cuyás is an easy-going sport-enthusiast with a passion for people and the planet. After a 8-year stint in Supply Chain Management and Software Delivery, he transitioned into the role of Social Impact Lead at o9 Solutions where he is in charge of increasing employee engagement around sustainability topics. Carlos' personal and professional objectives are very much focused on making the Earth a better place for all and he would never say no to a beer and a nice chat about it!

  • Catalina Mueller
    Visiting lecturer at Gisma Business School and a freelance product designer

    Catalina Mueller is a visiting lecturer at Gisma Business School and a freelance product designer in Berlin. She has more than 15 years of experience in designing face-to-face and online learning experiences, researching and training-related subjects in international settings. She started as junior teaching assistant at Bucharest University of Economic Studies and after moving to Germany, collaborated with several organisations on training on intercultural competences, human resources management and digital tools. Now she is looking into how design can be more sustainable in everyday practices. She is particularly interested in behavioural economics, sustainability, technology and their connection to learning.

  • Dominik Brendel
    Professor of Strategic Management and Marketing

    Dr Dominik Brendel is a Professor of Strategic Management and Marketing at Hochschule Fresenius. Besides his engagement in academia, he is a strategy advisor and speaker on topics of Change, Transformation and Leadership towards sustainable corporate practice. He is a fellow B Leader at B Corp Germany and is engaged in various other associations. Before turning back into academia, Dominik hold various management and leadership positions in companies such as Procter & Gamble, the HRS Group and had several roles in management consulting. You can get in touch via

  • Eduardo Lebre
    Founder @ Circular Unity

    Eduardo Lebre is passionate about People, Sustainability, CSR, Technology, Circular Economy and solving complex problems. He is an Expert in Automation, Carbon Accounting, International Relations, Operations, Business Development, Business Intelligence, Software & Product Engineering, Data Analysis and Quality Assurance. Founder @ Circular Unity Host and Founder @ Sustainable Events Podcast Founding Member @ MUSE (Members United for Sustainable Events) Member @ LFCA, @ Positive Impact Events, @ Greentech Alliance

  • Emma Walsh
    Co-founder and sustainability consultant at Moiety Consulting

    Emma Walsh is co-founder and sustainability consultant at Moiety Consulting. She has a stubbornly optimistic view on the world and believes that a bright future starts with actionable and achievable steps. Her expertise involves ethical marketing, training and development, sustainable hospitality, sustainable event management, and sustainable tourism.

  • Gabrielle Perzo
    Young graduate multilingual and passionate about ethics and positive impacts business models

    Gabrielle Perzo is a 27-year old sales professional passionate about circular business models! She specialized in the food waste environmental outputs and its business opportunities, prior to joining the leading Life Cycle Analysis suite solutions (GaBi) team, at Sphera, this year. Gabrielle believes we all have a lot to learn from entrepreneurs.

  • Grace Cameron
    Sustainability Project Coordinator

    Grace Cameron is a health and environmentally conscious sustainability professional currently based in Istanbul. Her career began as a business editor covering emerging economies in the Gulf, conducting interviews with key leaders from ministers to CEOs. She earned masters degrees in business and sustainability in the US and completed an internship with the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies. She is currently enrolled in the École des Ponts Business School’s Certified Circular Economy Specialist program.

  • Hannah Wickes
    Chief Marketing Officer @ Ecosia

    Hannah Wickes is Chief Marketing Officer at Ecosia, a search engine that uses 100% of its profits to fund tree planting globally, with more than 150 million trees planted to date. She is also an advisor at World Fund, Europe's largest climate tech VC, and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Prior to that she held roles at Trivago and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. She holds a degree in journalism and a degree in business from Queensland University of Technology.

  • Ipsita Bhatia
    Director @ Leaders' Quest, Business & Employee Engagement Lead

    As Director, Business and Employee Engagement at Count Us In, Ipsita Bhatia works with companies to bring to the fore and celebrate the significant role businesses play in motivating their audiences to tackle the climate crisis. Combining her experience in leadership development and programme design, she has supported companies from the retail to professional services sectors to develop robust engagement plans alongside their ambitious sustainability goals.

    Passionate about building a fair and inclusive future, Ipsita joined Leaders’ Quest (LQ) after completing an MSc in Environment and Sustainable Development from University College London (UCL). At UCL she focused on the socio-economic impact of climate & environmental change on vulnerable and low-income groups in the Global South.

  • Irina Tate
    Sustainable & Digital Transformation @ FleishmanHillard

    Irina Tate joined FleishmanHillard as Vice President and is leading the new Sustainable & Digital Transformation arm of the Corporate Public Affairs practice. With her experience in sustainability, international cooperation and in the tech scene, she expands the practice's strategic engagement in the field of sustainable innovation. Previously, she worked in communications and management consulting. Irina also spent several years abroad in international cooperation, at the UN, European Commission and Heinrich Böll Foundation. She was a spokesperson of the international affairs committee of the German Green Party in Berlin, is member of the German chapter of Friends of the Earth (BUND) and a passionate ESG investor.

  • Jaron Pazi
    Country Manager D/A/CHCountry Manager D/A/CH Treedom

    With twenty years of working experience spanning sustainability, business development, fundraising and marketing across the third sector as well as the business world, Jaron Pazi specializes in business development for purpose and impact driven enterprises. Since 2017 Jaron has been dedicated to tree planting 2.0 and leads Treedom’s activities on the D/A/CH market.

  • Julius Wiebe
    Circular economy advocate

    Julius Wiebe is an experienced management consultant with a background in management, politics and economics. Striving for a more sustainable world, he is enthusiastic about the Circular Economy paradigm, purpose-driven strategies and transformation in business and society. In various positions with a broad range of topics and international clients, he has achieved meaningful results with fast adaptability, excellent collaboration and communication.

  • Lara Trikha
    Building Bridges for Social and Environmental Impact

    Lara Trikha is an International Project Manager and Digital Business Development Consultant committed to regenerative development solutions. She has diverse experiences in digital technologies, global partnerships, social innovation, and sustainability. She is very interested in how digitalization can help the transition to an inclusive and circular economy and how she can use the skills gained in her career to collaborate across sectors in order to help combat climate change. She is also a strong advocate for Wellbeing for Welldoing, supporting changemakers and sustainability managers with stress management and mindfulness strategies in order to deal with Climate Anxiety and to avoid Burnout.

  • Matias Yudelevich
    Product Marketing Manager for EAA at Ecoppia

    Matias Yudelevich is a trilingual professional born in Chile and currently living in Tel Aviv, Israel. He is currently working in solar energy and has ample international experience, living and working in 4 continents in the fields of strategic communication, cleantech, business intelligence among others. During his career he had to liaise between different stakeholders, conduct negotiations and managing strategic partnerships with people from different cultures.

  • Melissa Galia
    Freelancer facilitator, researcher, trainer and programme manager

    Melissa Galia is a multilingual communicator who supports transformation and change in the social innovation and development field, through coaching, facilitation, research and capacity development. She is driven by passion and complex challenges. Melissa is committed to furthering standards of excellence and to contribute to building a more sustainable and equal society.

  • Michael Igoe
    Public Policy

    Michael Igoes background is in Political Science, he has spent the last three years as an environmental lobbyist in London, working to decarbonize the shipping industry. Michael worked to create a Charter to eliminate Single-Use Plastic, worked with the UK Government on projects for COP26, represented the UK at the UN and written guidance which has been endorsed by the UN. He hopes to bring this expertise to the groups and help facilitate fruitful discussions.

  • Nainy Sahani
    Transformation consultant

    Nainy Sahani is passionate about launching movements for organizations to attain true transformation in the new economy and for people to live wholly & authentically, at work and off it. A writer turned business leader, in the 13 years of her work experience, she has built multi-disciplinary programs and products across a range of industries from media, retail, technology, hospitality, advertising, non-profits and automotive. Adept in fostering rich partnerships and navigating complex business challenges in organizations of all sizes, Nainy believes in people-centric solutions.

  • Noah Lenz
    Venture Development

    Noah Lenz is currently leading at NOAH Venture Development which is based in Berlin and focused on building ventures that drive financial inclusion in developing countries. He has a degree from Maastricht University School of Business and Economics and studied one semester abroad at the University of Buenos Aires. He had the chance to gather experience during his internships at IKOR AG, KPMG Germany and Lufthansa Innovation Hub.

  • Rachel Bouton
    Senior Manager, Networks and Events at Grist

    Rachel Bouton (she/her) is the Senior Manager for Networks and Events at Fix, Grist’s solutions lab where she convenes a network of US-based climate visionaries, to foster collaboration and find solutions to humanity’s biggest challenges. Before that she designed and produced experiences focused on citizen science, ecological conservation, cultural preservation, and the arts with the media company Atlas Obscura. She also founded the events program at the public radio show Science Friday.

  • Ritika Gupta
    Working at intersection of business and climate action | Terra Fellow

    After Ritika Gupta pursued electrical engineering and built a crowdsourced platform to digitize non-profits, she spent six years with a growth-stage startup in project management, operations, and strategy. She worked as an intrapreneur, expanding it to nine Indian cities. In 2021, Ritika decided to pivot her career to solve for businesses from a sustainability lens. This coincided with a climate fellowship at She currently works as a consultant at Climate Asia.

  • Roxana Buzețelu
    Environmentalist, Community Curator, Entrepreneur

    For Roxana Buzețelu sustainability is the topic she can talk about no matter when and where. She is passionate about it and continuously learns and speaks about how we can all contribute to building a better future. - Her focus is on discovering & implementing solutions. - She advocates for sustainable development - one in which individuals and businesses meet in the middle, to bring together the behavior change we need to see in order to have a more sustainable and equitable planet. - Through the mix of media, educational training, and workshops she has developed so far, her aim is to show individuals and companies that change is possible.

  • Sarah Bäuerle
    Purpose-driven Business Building I xMcKinsey I Climatebase Fellow

    Sarah Bäuerle is a sustainability and social entrepreneurship enthusiast with experience in fast-paced strategy consultant and start-up contexts. After graduating with a German-Spanish Double Degree in International Management and a career-integrated Master Degree in Consulting and Controlling, she pursued roles in the German "Mittelstand" and ultimately McKinsey&Company. Having gained experience working with Ashoka in parallel, Sarah switched to a Climate FinTech and wants to focus on Green Business Building in the future.

  • Shaun Trezise
    In-Company Trainer

    Shaun Trezise is a long-term escapee from England and a Berlin resident for nearly 10 years. He has been working as a business English language trainer at Shaun has worked across many industries, particularly property, finance and IT and has experience in discussing projects of varying scope, particularly in the field of sustainability. He's also an adjunct lecturer at the SRH Berlin School of Management, where green issues are a healthy part of the curriculum.

  • Zanri Kritzinger
    Creative Project Manager driven by Impact

    Zanri is a Social Impact and Environmental Project Manager with 10+ years' experience. She is currently working at the intersection of social impact, books, diversity and inclusion, digital processes, and African and global early literacy. Her studies include a business degree focused on Marketing and a post-graduate degree specialised in Publishing. She also holds a Master in Social Impact for Sustainable Development from the United Nations/ILO program and has been either attending or facilitating impact and sustainability entrepreneurial incubators since. She believes in a social and environmentally just world where people and planet thrive and she's doing what she can to make this happen.

  • Agnieszka Korytowska
    Partnership Manager & Service Design Lead at Socjomania

    Agnieszka Korytowska graduated from the University of Wrocław in the field of communication design and is now a researcher and strategist in the fields of service design, customer experience and brand communication. She is fascinated with the human perception process and advocates basing design on the current knowledge resulting from research in the area of ​​cognitive and behavioral science. Agnieszka is certified in service design, design thinking, user research and customer experience.

  • Manuela Rodriguez
    Partnership and Product ManagerPartnership and Product Manager Yunus Environment Hub

    Manuela Rodriguez works at Yunus Environment Hub as Partnership and Product Manager. She develops partnerships and programs globally to join hands in supporting social business entrepreneurs in taking climate action. Manuela collaborates with organizations and social entrepreneurs facilitating the fulfillment of their mission through capacity building. She is passionate about systems change, promoting diversity and inclusion, and designing learning experiences.

  • Maud Robache
    Coach and Facilitator

    Maud Robache is a coach supporting individuals and groups in achieving their objectives and improving their relationships with themselves and others. She feels strongly about everyone’s responsibility to fight climate change and makes it her own objective to support people and organisations who have a sustainable purpose at their core. She is delighted to facilitate the Mastermind Groups where she can bring her coaching and facilitation skills, supported by a decade of corporate experience.

  • Jacqueline Ann Surin
    Expert Facilitator. Online Trainer. Clean Language Coach.

    Jacqueline Ann Surinis an expert facilitator for team and organisational gatherings and a former award-winning journalist. She works internationally with civil society organisations and corporations to raise the quality of attention and intelligence in groups. She is one of the leading Clean Language specialists in Asia, a specialist-partner of the Singapore-based consultancy, BeInClarity, associate of Training Attention and Clean Learning in the UK and associate of Change 3.0 in the Netherlands. She is currently a resident at the UK-based Better Conversations Foundation until September 2022.

  • Rufat Mammadov
    Sustainability Consultant at EY

    Before starting his master’s in Sustainable Resource Management at TUM, Rufat Mammadov was part of EY’s Climate Change and Sustainability practice. During his two-year tenure as a sustainability consultant, he was actively engaged in ESG reporting advisory projects, helping industry giants reach their ESG goals. His industry experience spans oil and gas, telecommunications, finance and commodity trading sectors.

  • Pia Hillebrecht
    Sustainability, Innovation and System Change

    Pia Hillebrecht is a Process Designer & Facilitator at the Do for systemic transformations towards Sustainability. With a Master’s degree in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability she is an expert in this area and facilitating learning journeys for intrapreneurs towards more sustainable and just business models by unlocking their innovation potential. She has worked in sustainability consulting and accompanied organizations from different sectors and sizes on their transformation journeys. Her overall goal is to drive system change by addressing root causes and upskill.