Introduction to climate action

In this introductory course, you will learn how to take the right first step. What does net zero actually mean? Should I offset? Where do we get started? How to get buy-in from others? Get answers to the most common questions.

3 sessions
October 2023
  • Guaranteed results
    Guaranteed results
  • Expert-led deep dives
    Expert-led deep dives
  • Personalized feedback
    Personalized feedback
  • LFCA community membership
    LFCA community membership
  • Certificate of completion
    Certificate of completion
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What you will gain

Get started and learn how to get your company and team on board

Build your internal green team and convince your leadership to take climate action

What is the difference between net zero and climate neutral? What are the basics of climate action?

Get an intro to the tools and knowledge base that we offer. Learn how to get the most out of your membership

Meet other practitioners and learn about their challenges and best practices

What will be taught
Cut to the chase with our laser-focused sessions
3 sessions | starting 5. Oktober 2023

Get insights on how to make use of the resources in LFCA Members Area. Learn and discuss strategies to secure buy-in from your leadership team, engage colleagues and set up an internal green team.

Liza Kogelnik
Program focus
  • Get started on climate action

  • Get to know our tools, community and next steps

Not covered
  • specific actions such as GHG conform measurement or reduction

Who will teach
Meet your instructors

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements regarding additional instructors. Please check back for updates.

Liza Kogelnik

Liza Kogelnik

Program Manager

Liza is an experienced Business Development Specialist, driving positive change with Leaders for Climate Action (LFCA). By using her strong background in sustainable business practices and strategic partnerships, she champions environmentally innovative practices across industries. 

Piotr Drozd

Piotr Drozd

Chief Climate Officer at LFCA

Piotr serves as the Chief Climate Officer at Leaders for Climate Action. With a background as a climate activist, educator, and entrepreneur, he has focused his efforts over the last decade on realizing the potential of business as a catalyst for change. Whether through leading organizations such as Ecosia and Climate KIC, or in an advisory capacity for start-ups, he is dedicated to building a more sustainable and just world.