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We've launched our own calculator for estimating corporate carbon emissions

In order to get a first overview of your corporate emissions we've integrated our own corporate carbon calculator into our on boarding flow.

Flora Völcker
Flora Völcker
September 03, 2020 | 2 min

The calculation of your company's CO₂ footprint is the first essential step in sustainable transformation. It can become a very complex process to track every emission source. In the beginning, you can start with some simple tools which require only the most important data inputs. We’ve built such a tool in our onboarding flow for your convenience in order to help you make the Company Pledge in the agreed timeframe of three months.

The tool is based on a set of data from myclimate, a non-profit provider of CO₂-compensation measures. To support us in our mission, they built an API especially for us, which serves as an interface between our calculator and their data, enabling our members to benefit from a broad set of data points collected over 20 years. This way, we ensure that the basic corporate CO₂ calculation during our onboarding is built on reliable figures and that the estimations are accurate based on headcount and office size.

The tool divides your company’s emissions into six categories:

  • Basic Information about the company’s office

    including the number of employees, the size of the office, and the country where the company is located.

  • Energy sources and usage

    containing data about the company’s electricity use, energy provider, and your office’s heating/cooling system.

  • Corporate mobility

    which refers to the employees' commute and business travel.

  • Catering

    : Figures about the employees' nutrition, such as lunch and beverages served in the office.

  • Materials and waste

    generated in office supply.

  • IT-Infrastructure

    referring to the company’s cloud computing or other server usage. The data used for this specific category is based on our own research.

The purpose of our carbon calculator is to give your company a basic overview of your footprint and the sources of emissions. In case you don’t know some data we provide you estimates which makes it non-compliant to the GHG-protocol. In order to be as precise as possible, please only use them if you can’t get accurate information.

If you have several offices, work with physical products, or want to measure emissions of your whole business model including it’s value chain, - our basic calculation tool won't be enough. In such cases, it's better to contact an emissions calculation partner who can provide you with custom-tailored calculation tools and help you to establish an ongoing carbon emissions management system.

As our organization operates internationally, our tool works well for most of the European countries. Some of the values can vary from country to country as the emission factors are depending on the local industry and can work differently for other climate zones. We plan to adapt the tool for every country with time. If you are willing to support us with that, please contact