Get CSRD-ready on climate

Ready to get your hands dirty with the EU's Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) regarding climate change? Our practical program provides practical guidance without bogging you down with abstract and dry theory.

7 weeks
September 2023
  • Guaranteed deliverables
    Guaranteed deliverables
  • Ongoing support
    Ongoing support
  • Expert-led deep dives
    Expert-led deep dives
  • Certificate of completion
    Certificate of completion
  • LFCA membership
    LFCA membership
Anna Esakova
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What you will gain

Gap analysis against CSRD/ESRS requirements

Personalized action plan on climate for the next 6-12 months

Certificate of completion

Knowledge Hub, packed with handy tips, tools, and templates

Community of 3000+ peers tackling the same challenges

Follow-up events to deepen knowledge and continue learning

Free webinar
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Who can benefit
This program is for you if you are like...
Sara, Head of Sustainability

Sara is on a mission to make her fast-growing company truly sustainable. From analyzing the company's environmental footprint and collaborating with other departments on decarbonization to promoting sustainable practices internally, she's got a lot on her plate.

Eden, Finance Manager

Eden is a dedicated finance whiz navigating the ever-changing non-financial reporting landscape. He analyzes financial risks, strategizes investments, and adapts to new regulations to stay ahead.

Hannah, Green Team Volunteer

Hannah is a spirited volunteer for her company's Green Team. She's passionate about sustainability and creating a greener workplace. But balancing her marketing job with Green Team efforts is challenging.

What will be taught
Cut to the chase with our laser-focused sessions
7 weeks | starting 1. September 2023

To comply, you must understand the context, jargon, and general disclosure requirements. We will also cover the key timelines, such as when you should start preparing for the reporting requirements and when reports need to be submitted.

Sara Bettinelli
Sara Bettinelli
Program focus
  • Focus on climate change (E1)

  • Tailored for smaller organizations

  • Guidance on developing strategic assets

Not covered
  • Guidance on social and governance topics

  • Development of decarbonization goals

  • Footprinting (LCA, GHG)

Who will teach
Meet your instructors

We will soon announce the instructors for the upcoming cohort. It's a diverse group of professionals, from climate action practitioners to sustainability consultants. One thing you can count on is that they are experts at making complicated concepts easy to understand and come with a wealth of practical knowledge to share.

Anna Esakova

Anna Esakova

Program Curator

Anna is the Head of Community at Leaders for Climate Action. She is passionate about connecting people, facilitating their exchanges, and helping navigate the climate knowledge jungle. As you can see, she also really likes lists of three, metaphors, and the Oxford Comma.

Piotr Drozd

Piotr Drozd

Program Curator

Piotr is the Chief Climate Officer at Leaders for Climate Action. As a climate activist, educator, and entrepreneur, he has devoted his career to exploring how business can be a force for good. Whether through leading organizations such as Ecosia, Climate KIC, and Mendeley or advising early-stage companies, he is committed to creating a more sustainable and just world.

How to sign up
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Early-bird pricing ends June 20th! Register now for 500€ (excl. VAT) before the price goes up to 700€.

Intensive and practical

2-4 hour weekly time commitment for 7 weeks

100% online

Engaging Zoom sessions with feedback via Slack and e-mail

Small groups of peers

A typical cohort consists of 15-30 fellow professionals