Create a robust climate action plan

Looking to create a credible climate action (transition) plan? This program is perfect for those creating their first plan and wishing to communicate it without the risk of being accused of greenwashing.

7 sessions
February 2024
  • Guaranteed results
    Guaranteed results
  • Expert-led deep dives
    Expert-led deep dives
  • Personalized feedback
    Personalized feedback
  • LFCA community membership
    LFCA community membership
  • Certificate of completion
    Certificate of completion
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What you will gain

Completed climate action (transition) plan

Interim targets and prioritized actions to effectively reduce emissions

Certificate of completion

Learning space packed with additional resources

Access to 3000+ peers tackling the same challenges as you

Follow-up events to deepen knowledge and continue learning

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Who can benefit
This program is for you if you are like...
Albert, Chief Executive Officer

Albert, a forward-thinking CEO, aspires for his company to lead on climate action. With a bold net-zero pledge already made, he's committed to turning words into action by developing a concrete plan.

Sara, Head of Sustainability

Sara is on a mission to make her fast-growing company truly sustainable. From analyzing the company's environmental footprint and collaborating with other departments on decarbonization to promoting sustainable practices internally, she's got a lot on her plate.

Hannah, Green Team Volunteer

Hannah is a spirited volunteer for her company's Green Team. She's passionate about sustainability and creating a greener workplace. But balancing her marketing job with Green Team efforts is challenging.

What will be taught
Cut to the chase with our laser-focused sessions
7 sessions | starting 1. Februar 2024

You will learn about the terminology surrounding net zero and learn the difference between forward-looking plans and backward-looking reports.

Program focus
  • Forward-looking planning

  • Tailored for smaller organizations

  • Impact and viability assessment

  • Guidance on communication

Not covered
  • Identification of reduction measures

  • Target validation

  • Footprinting (GHG, LCA)

Who will teach
Meet your instructors

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How to enroll
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Engaging and practical

Recommended weekly time commitment of 3-5 hours.

100% online

Interactive Zoom sessions with a dedicated learning environment.

Small groups

A typical program cohort comprises 30-50 fellow sustainability professionals.