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How we use Contentful to power our content infrastructure

We rely on content to educate people about climate change. To help us on our mission, Contenful equipped us with a pro-bono-plan.

Flora Völcker
Flora Völcker
April 01, 2020 | 1 min

As a globally operating climate initiative, Leaders for Climate Action not only assists companies in becoming climate neutral and reducing their emissions but also educates leaders and the public about climate change. We provide guidance for everyone to develop a greater awareness of the consequences of their own actions on the environment.

A flexible & powerful content stack

In order to fulfil this key task of educating, it is essential to process and publish relevant information in a well structured manner. Therefore all our content is managed by Contentful, a platform-agnostic CMS that we can completely adapt to our needs. Contentful powers not just our websites but also serves as the backbone of our content-rich web application, which helps our members and companies to measure and reduce their carbon emissions. Unlike other content management systems it allows us to define an individual content model independent from any presentation layer. Multiple editors can simultaneously manage all of the content in an easy and interactive user interface. Content can be added and edited without any technical background.

Multi language setup

As we operate internationally, our website must be available in multiple languages. Contentful is perfect for this, because it allows us to easily create and edit local content in different languages.