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There is always a next step on your climate action journey. To get our members inspired, we curate a catalogue of actions, which are further enriched by community contributions such as documents, comments, and reviews of tools.

Report & Disclose
Report annually on your climate action progress
Establish Need for ChangeGeneric ActionsOwn carbon reduction
Embed sustainability in your business model
Develop an environmental policy
MeasureCarbon sinkGeneric ActionsOwn carbon reduction
Measure your emissions across Scope 1, 2 and 3
EmployeesEstablish Need for Change
Educate and engage your employees in climate action
FoodOwn carbon reductionGeneric Actions
Introduce a plant-rich diet in the workplace
Sector & IndustryOthers carbon reductionTech
Use technology for good
TravelOwn carbon reductionGeneric ActionsGeneric ActionsMeasure
Setup a policy for responsible business travel
TravelGeneric ActionsOthers carbon reduction
Shift to low-carbon business travel and commuting
Report & DiscloseCustomersOthers carbon reduction
Implement our “We Take Climate Action” badge and microsite
Finance & InvestmentsOthers carbon reductionFinance
Integrate the LFCA sustainability clause
OfficeGeneric ActionsOwn carbon reduction
Make your office more sustainable
Partnerships & ExchangeOthers carbon reduction
Donate to charities fighting climate change
MaterialsE-commerceOwn carbon reduction
Pilot reusable packaging
Use of ProductE-commerceOthers carbon reduction
Include a sustainability search filter
LogisticsE-commerceOthers carbon reduction
Innovate last mile delivery
Product End of LifeE-commerce
Employ reverse logistics to facilitate circularity
Optimise your packaging size, shape and material
Minimise the carbon footprint of your entire shipping
Offsets & RemovalsCustomersE-commerce
Introduce CO2 removal donations at the checkout
Finance & InvestmentsE-commerce
Set an internal price on carbon