Kickstart your climate action journey

We provide you with all the tools, network, content to always inspire you to take the next step on your climate action journey.

Measure your footprint
You can't manage what you don't understand

The first step for every company joining our community is to measure last years' carbon footprint. We need to understand what the emission driving sources of our business are in order to reduce effectively.

  • If you have a startup or small business, you can use our carbon estimator for a quick assessment that covers all of Scope 1 and 2 plus parts of Scope 3 (e.g. digital infrastructure)

  • If you need a strictly GHG-conform process and certification we recommend to work with one of our partner companies. We'll make an intro directly during your onboarding to speed up the process and ensure you are in good hands

Generic Reduction Program
Start simple: Actions that every company should take

Transforming your business takes time, but while you start analyzing your value chain, you can start straight away with these generic reduction measures.

Specific Measures
Reduce with peers from your sector NEW

Ecommerce? Fintech? SaaS? Whatever your industry: Find peers that are working on the same problems, find solutions and build alliances in the fight against the Climate Crisis. We are developing hands-on sector specific guidance that will help you to maximize the impact of your business.

Your Microsite
Share your progress with the world

As soon as you reached a minimum set of reduction measures, we will enable your individual microsite that communicates your progress in real time to the world. Place our badge in your website footer, app or jobs page and give the world a complete picture of your climate protection efforts.