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Navigate your sustainability journey with confidence!

Gain the practical knowledge and skills needed to drive lasting change in your company - guided by experts and peers.

No-nonsense education

We’re your sidekick, with you all the way.

Daunted by the task of drafting sustainability reports and collecting data? Overwhelmed by the constant flux of regulations? Don't worry, we've got your back!

Hands-on courses

Build sustainability expertise through our online courses. Understand the latest regulations and implement smart practices to become best-in-class.

Templates, tools, guides

Our Knowledge Hub helps you plan your next steps and take concrete actions like running workshops, crafting emails to get buy-in, and lots more.

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You're not alone in facing sustainability challenges – many of our members have been there, done that, and are eager to share. Both those with experience and those starting out find a home in our community!

Join teams at all stages of the journey:
Course Preview

Sustainability Foundations: from theory to action

In a nutshell

Build your sustainability strategy, set KPIs and start implementing. Master the key concepts, select initiatives and gain the practical skills you need to future-proof your company. You'll walk away with a robust sustainability roadmap to be proud of, along with the tools and support you need to get going.

We understand your struggles...
  • I've just been appointed to lead our green team, and feel a little overwhelmed by the task - how can I build a strong foundation for our company?

  • Sustainability is always left till the end of the meeting. How can I get buy-in and raise the agenda at C-level and across departments?

  • Our investor is asking us for an ESG Plan. SOS!

  • We’ve measured our footprint and made a few adjustments in the office, but know we need to go deeper. Where do we start?

  • I've got a good grasp of the key concepts but need clear guidance on how to practically apply them to our tech SME.

  • We want to get an external certification such as BCorp and/or Ecovadis and are wondering how to prepare the ground for that.

How this course will help...
  • Understand key concepts, definitions, and trends.

  • Learn the facts & build strong arguments to make a business case for sustainability

  • Identify the sustainability priorities that make sense for your organisation.

  • Learn how to take a structured approach to designing a robust strategy.

  • Get inspiration for initiatives that you can launch, from GHG reduction to DEI statements, through experts and case studies.

  • Learn what 'best-in-class' means for tech.

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Thursday, February 22, 2024
Course Preview

CSRD and sustainability reporting

In a nutshell

Are you ready to dive into creating your first sustainability report, now that CSRD and ESRS have been introduced in Europe? Our program offers hands-on guidance that cuts through the abstract and dry theory, so you can get down to business without feeling overwhelmed.

We understand your struggles...
  • Our investor needs us to report for the first time - where do we start?

  • Our CSRD deadline is around the corner and we need clear guidance on how to comply

  • Others look to me to get reporting done - how can I build a cross-departmental team to help?

  • Double materiality seems like a mountain to climb, and it’s hard to know what’s relevant to us

  • Disclosures are tricky to do right - how to communicate, and what to avoid?

  • I want to do more than just share data. What actions and policies can I put in place to follow them up?

How this course will help...
  • Understand the essentials of sustainability reporting such as key principles and frameworks.

  • Learn practical skills and tactics to overcome common challenges such as buy-in and data collection.

  • Learn how to identify and engage your stakeholders to determine what sustainability issues are material to you.

  • Conduct a strong double materiality assessment that can shape your business strategy.

  • Explore the ESRS standards most relevant to the technology sector, such as 'climate change' and 'own workforce'.

  • Learn how to make meaningful disclosures under CSRD and effectively communicate your sustainability initiatives.

Next cohort starts
Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Your partner in sustainability, from data collection to complete transformation

Sustainability can be tough. There's a lot at stake, loads of technical jargon to decipher, and resources that are always stretched thin. But here's the good news - you don't have to go it alone!