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There is always a next step on your climate action journey. To get our members inspired, we curate a catalogue of actions, which are further enriched by community contributions such as documents, comments, and reviews of tools.

Report & Disclose
Report annually on your progress
Software & ITOwn carbon reductionTech
Run your own digital infrastructure on 100% renewable energy
Establish Need for ChangeGeneric ActionsOwn carbon reduction
Embed sustainability in your business model
Develop an environmental policy
MeasureCarbon sinkGeneric ActionsOwn carbon reduction
Measure your emissions across Scope 1, 2 and 3
EmployeesEstablish Need for Change
Educate and engage your employees in climate action
FoodOwn carbon reductionGeneric Actions
Introduce a plant-rich diet in the workplace
Sector & IndustryOthers carbon reductionTech
Use technology for good
TravelOwn carbon reductionGeneric ActionsGeneric ActionsMeasure
Setup a policy for responsible business travel
TravelGeneric ActionsOthers carbon reduction
Shift to low-carbon business travel and commuting
Report & DiscloseCustomersOthers carbon reduction
Implement our “We Take Climate Action” badge and microsite
Finance & InvestmentsOthers carbon reductionFinance
Integrate the LFCA sustainability clause
OfficeGeneric ActionsOwn carbon reduction
Make your office more sustainable
Partnerships & ExchangeOthers carbon reduction
Donate to charities fighting climate change
MaterialsE-commerceOwn carbon reduction
Pilot reusable packaging
Use of ProductE-commerceOthers carbon reduction
Include a sustainability search filter
LogisticsE-commerceOthers carbon reduction
Innovate last mile delivery
Product End of LifeE-commerce
Employ reverse logistics to facilitate circularity
Optimise your packaging size, shape and material
Minimise the carbon footprint of your entire shipping
Offsets & RemovalsCustomersE-commerce
Introduce CO2 removal donations at the checkout