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We are a tiny but mighty bunch of builders, dreamers, and activists. If we had one superpower, that would be our culture – it's the glue that binds us all together.

Our core values
Open all the way

We are transparent in our communications, finances, and decision-making. We are true to our word and never promise more than we can do and we own our commitments. And we have no competitors. Instead, we openly cooperate with organizations that share our vision and invite them to make use of what we build.

Simplifying complexity

We question existing norms and create simple and creative solutions to complex problems. We embrace uncertainty and push onwards even when we do not see the path ahead. We are not afraid of making mistakes or U-turns on the way towards our goals. We are not trying to reinvent the wheel, but to build on what already exists.

Uncompromising impact

Our number one priority is measurable impact. We focus on tangible results, make decisions based on data, align recommendations with science, and say no to opportunities if they do not serve our main purpose. We are not looking for the easiest, but the most impactful ways to do things.

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