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How to engage your team and customers in climate action

Time for Climate Action '23: Find out how LFCA companies are engaging with their stakeholders and sphere of influence with our yearly campaign

Sara Bettinelli
Sara Bettinelli
June 06, 2023 | 5 min

Since 2021, members of the LFCA Community have actively encouraged their customers and employees to participate in impactful climate action through the Time for Climate Action (TFCA) campaign. The campaign takes place traditionally on Earth Day but is open all year for those companies that want to engage their audience on other dates. Through the dedicated platform at, thousands of individuals have the opportunity to take real and meaningful actions, such as switching to renewable energy providers, reaching out to politicians, and divesting from unsustainable funds, aligning with the 2023 Earth Day theme of #investinourplanet.

This year, we will showcase the efforts of LFCA members who have engaged with their sphere of influence, serving as examples for other companies seeking to make a difference. There are many ways that as a company you can be an enabler of change, and here we will share some examples.

Employees: your closest sphere of influence

One of the impact avenues LFCA members have explored is engaging their colleagues through challenges. This year, 23 companies have participated in the pilot of the TFCA employee challenge, a feature available for paying LFCA members, that allows employees to compete against each other on who is taking more actions on Some other examples: Enspired's employees were encouraged to share some personal tips on how to implement climate action at work and Luoro launched its own Earth Day Mitmach-Challenge and encouraged employees to take practical actions like reducing water use or using the bike. By encouraging colleagues to participate in these initiatives, you can foster a sense of collective responsibility, and friendly competition can drive climate-conscious behaviors within the organization.

Communication: the key to getting your message across

Many companies have taken a personalized approach to communication, not limiting themselves to sharing the campaign but taking it as an opportunity to share a more personal take on climate. For example, Enspired, in their blog article titled "Enspired Takes Climate Action," emphasizes the importance of individual actions and how they contribute to a more sustainable future. Ceezer’s CEO shared a personal message in honor of Earth Day, which was amplified by Picus Capital. Pelion’s communication was centered on employees taking climate action, showing employees giving the example, and among many others, Reedsy enriched the campaign material with tips for a sustainable home office. These are just a few examples of how companies talked about the campaign. Still, they show how sharing such stories and experiences, can help you inspire your stakeholders and motivate them to take climate actions that resonate on a personal level. This personalized approach amplifies the impact of your message and encourages broader participation.

Walking the Talk: doubling the impact

Showing that you are working towards ambitious climate goals can set an example that influences your customers in raising their own climate ambition. As we know, communication is key to show the seriousness of your engagement, and during this year’s TFCA campaign, several companies decided to show their commitment, such as Fashion Cloud disclosing their footprint and Ten23Health publishing their Fairstainability report. Furthermore, taking practical climate action by contributing to inspiring projects and missions, from cleanups to donations, can really make a difference in showing real commitment. This year, Artebene launched a social media campaign highlighting their sustainable actions and products, pledging to donate 1 Euro to the Red Sea Project for every order received during Earth Week. This initiative not only showcases their commitment to sustainability but also inspires their customers to support their cause.

Collaboration is the key: create opportunities for dialogue

Meeting in person with your teams or clients can be a game-changer in creating fruitful discussions around the climate: you can use Earth Week as an excuse to create this exchange opportunity! This year, for instance, Universal Music organized panels featuring our co-founder Philippe Singer and many others, to discuss climate action and ignite innovative ideas. Also, Ten23 Health organized an event on digital carbon footprint. Such events provide a platform for exchanging knowledge, sharing experiences, and encouraging collaboration. By actively engaging in these discussions, you can strengthen your position as climate leader and drive meaningful change within your sphere of influence.

So, join the TFCA campaign and engage with your team and clients!

Engaging with your sphere of influence allows you to extend your impact beyond internal operations. It creates an opportunity to inspire change within your networks, influence customer behaviors, and contribute to collective action on a larger scale. Companies taking climate action and involving stakeholders enhance their reputation, strengthen customer loyalty, and contribute to a more sustainable future for all.

As climate change becomes an increasingly urgent global challenge, companies have a vital role to play in driving positive change within society. You can get inspiration from the examples set by LFCA members and explore various avenues, such as employee engagement, personalized communication, leading by example, and fostering dialogue, to make a meaningful impact. At LFCA, we want to make this easier, which is why we encourage everyone to make use of the TFCA campaign page free of charge all year round. This makes the action faster and more approachable for your customers and employees. The page can be also embedded on your web pages to avoid driving traffic away from your other sustainability projects and the campaign is highly customizable, easy to adapt to your needs and workload. To join, you can visit and find out more!