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Community Spotlight: Get to know HV Capital

Meet one of our first community members HV Capital and learn how Venture Capital Funds can play a pivotal role in building a broad coalition for climate action.

Philippe Singer
Philippe Singer
June 08, 2023 | 3 min

Welcome to the first entry in our Community Spotlight series, in which we showcase exemplary members who transcend boundaries to propel our movement forward. Today, we turn the spotlight on one of our earliest champions and influential members, the venture capital firm HV Capital.

Unwavering Support from Day One

The journey of LCFA would have been incomplete without the strong support from HV Capital. Since our inception 4 years ago, they have played a crucial role, not just as backers but as partners in our mission to combat climate change. This powerhouse venture capital firm has a long and notable history of investing in innovative companies that shape the digital landscape. As part of our community, HV Capital extends its reach and influence by spreading the message and importance of climate action to the businesses they invest in and the broader digital ecosystem.

Venture Capital's Role in Climate Action

When it comes to addressing the climate crisis, the significance of venture capital firms is immense. As investors in early and growth-stage startups, they possess the potential to drive real change through their influence on portfolio companies. They can encourage their investments in adopting sustainable practices, setting new standards for industries, and promoting the transition to a low-carbon economy. In this regard, HV Capital is a great example of how funds can use their industry influence in order to drive meaningful change.

When start-ups adopt a sustainability mindset from the very beginning, this will have a decisive influence on reaching our common goal of fighting climate change.

Martin Weber, Partner at HV Capital

Planting a Green Seed: The Sustainability Clause Initiative

HV Capital's commitment to sustainability doesn't stop at their own investments. They have been instrumental in initiating the Sustainability Clause, which has had a profound ripple effect on the European startup ecosystem. The clause, now used in term sheets of more than 50 European VCs, serves as an integral component that sets expectations for sustainable business operations and environmental responsibility right from the get-go. This forward-thinking initiative plants a "green seed" in every newly financed startup, instilling the value of sustainability from the very beginning and fostering a positive impact on a much larger scale.

ESG as a core element of HV's strategy

At the beginning of the year, HV further emphasized their commitment by hiring Marie Bos as VP of ESG, reinforcing their position as a leading ESG-focused fund. Marie diligently engages with their portfolio companies, leveraging the LFCA platform, community, and educational resources as a critical component of her work.

Being part of the LFCA community not only strengthens our ESG initiatives, but also serves as a catalyst for positive change within our portfolio companies and the wider entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Marie Bos, VP ESG at HV Capital

LFCA Community members Marie Bos and Martin Weber

We say Thank You!

From championing environmental causes to initiating large-scale change by influencing the broader digital industry, HV Capital exemplifies how a venture capital firm can make a difference in the fight against climate change.

At LFCA we like to say, "actions speak louder than words" - and HV Capital personifies this belief with their support for our work not just as a member but also as a donor, contributing a significant six-digit sum to our parent organisation This generous support has enabled us to grow the community to over 3,300 members and spearhead numerous climate impact-focused initiatives.

Through the Community Spotlight series, we hope to showcase how our growing network of partners, like HV Capital, is taking concrete steps and generating tangible progress in our collective mission to create a greener, cleaner future.

Stay tuned for further inspiring stories from our Community Spotlight series as we continue to highlight the impact and commitment of our dedicated member organizations.