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Learning by doing with clear results

Our courses are designed to be hands-on, immersive experiences that enable you to apply what you learn in real-world situations.

How we teach
We’ll equip you with the mind- and skillset to become a confident agent for change

Research shows that an impactful sustainability education must also build one's intellectual, emotional and technical skills. Our courses build the key sustainability capacities needed to effectively implement new knowledge, to ensure your ability to drive real change within your team and organisation. We build these skills through great facilitation, peer-learning, positive examples and an attitude of pragmatic optimism.

Foundational Knowledge

​Understand climate science, policy, regulation & legislation, leading innovation, and the implications of these global trends for the environment, for society, for the economy and for organisations.

Effective Communication

Active listening, storytelling and adapting communication styles.

Collaboration Skills

Work collaboratively in teams and across broader structures and networks


Communicate your case to various stakeholders in a clear, compelling way.


The ability to deeply acknowledge and understand others' feelings and experiences.


Construct and carry out forecasts, scenarios and visions to anticipate future states.

Systems thinking

Understand how different parts fit together and step back to see how the pieces connect.

Strategic Thinking

Identify where sustainability intersects with your company’s business strategy and overall success.

Analytical Thinking

Collect and critically analyse data, ensure that reporting informs decision-making, and evaluate & adjust sustainability efforts accordingly.


Find answers and develop creative solutions to new and complex challenges.

Intrapersonal Capacity

Avoid personal health challenges through resilience and self-care.

Project Management

Effectively coordinate a project from start to finish.

Hands-on Online Courses

Our courses combine expert knowledge with practical exercises & peer-learning to develop your essential sustainability implementation skills.

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Insightful Learning Sessions

In these monthly 2 hour workshops, we tackle common sustainability challenges from materiality analysis to data collection. Learn alongside experts and peers in a fun environment.

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What our participants are saying

Read what participants from previous cohorts had to say about our online courses

A wide array of content packed into a 9-week course, a must-have for CSRD practitioners! The course allowed me to dive deeper into the mystical world of the new directive and what it actually means, now it feels way easier to approach - thanks to LFCA!

Minni Tynkkynen
Minni Tynkkynen
Morrow X

I have learnt a huge amount and really value each speaker highly. Great content and discussions throughout the course.

Leena Ceccolini
Leena Ceccolini
Founder, Socially Circular

I've found it incredibly insightful and felt like I've learned so much. The speakers have been really engaging… each lesson was packed with valuable information, designed to set us up for real-world success.

Jenna Jones
Jenna Jones
Sustainability Coordinator, Ableton

In-depth but comprehensible, delivered to a high standard by an impressive range of experts. I came away with a good grasp of the big picture as well as much of the detail… Warmly recommended!

Joe Carroll
Joe Carroll
Head of ESG & Strategy, Fixably

It's great to connect with other professionals and exchange experiences. I was inspired by all the concrete examples and case studies, too.

Head of Sustainability, Stepstone

An amazing learning experience… Thank you for pioneering and leading people with the amazing sessions.

Rashmi Vital
Rashmi Vital
CCO, Eevie

Incredible work from everyone who came together to pull this off - a huge thank you! ...for what it's worth, this was way better than any course I've ever taken at university ;)

Isabel Nacke
Isabel Nacke
Senior Corporate PR Manager, Home to go

The course took away my ominous feeling about CSRD being this big insurmountable task - it feels manageable now.

Diana Pauly
Diana Pauly
Head of Sustainability, idealo
Our method

Sustainability from the planetary perspective

Our approach invites companies to embrace regenerative and distributive ambitions and aligns with the following standards and frameworks.